The video below features the in-house testing of the new Watter Buddy engine.

As a few of ES&D’s customers have learned, living off-grid can allow you to follow your passion.  A couple of kayakers are able to live closer than anybody else to the Skookumchuck Narrows thanks to micro hydro energy.

A great video from an off-grid ES&D customer. This site in West Virginia runs about 380 watts and is coupled with a solar panel. This video shows some easy steps to overcome site irregularities and what can be powered with a single stream engine.

Two 4 nozzle X-Stream Engines were installed at the site. The piping is two 6 inch PVC pipes, running 40 feet into a lake, 50 feet over the dam, and 76 feet down the dam to the generator house. There is 34 feet of fall over the 76 foot length of piping.
This is a grid-tie/off-grid system running at 65 volts, 25.5 amps and 1667.5 watts, combined. This system generates close to 40kW per day.